Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Carrianna Group Holdings Company Limited (formerly known as Tak Sing Alliance Holdings Limited) (stock code: 126) is principally engaged in restaurant and food business, hotel investment, property development and investment, and investments in logistic and trade centres.

The business of the Group was founded by Mr. Ma Kai Cheung, Honorary Chairman of the board, started with a garment factory in Hong Kong in 1967. The Group gradually expanded the scope and geographical coverage of its business. By the time the Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1991 under the name of Tak Sing Alliance Holdings Limited, its business had already expanded to China, Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

Following China’s rapid economic development in recent years, the Group has focused its businesses and resources onto mainland China with great success. As the Group had operated for over two decades its restaurant and food business and real estate development and investment business in China under the well recognized brand of “Carrianna”, the Group adopted “Carrianna” as the name of its holding company in July 2013.

Started in the 1980s in Hong Kong, Carrianna Chiuchow restaurant has become the brand of choice for high end Chiu Chow cuisine, and has since opened restaurants in several cities in the mainland. Chiu Chow cuisine is renowned for its seafood and vegetarian dishes and regarded as the premium choice for fine dining in China. The superior quality of Carrianna’s food and service has garnered widespread popularity in Hong Kong and many cities across China. The Carrianna brand of moon cakes is also very popular with consumers in the Greater China region, and has become one of the leading brands of moon cakes in the mainland.

In the early 1990s, the Group started its property development business in Shenzhen. Of its many successful projects, Carrianna Friendship Square, completed in 1998, has become a landmark commercial complex in the central business district in Shenzhen.

The Group was also a founding shareholder of China South City Holdings Limited (Stock code: 1668), Started in 2002, China South City has built and operates an integrated trade and logistics centre of over 2,600,000 square metres in Shenzhen. In the last few years, it has expanded its operation to several provincial capitals in the mainland and has become the leading developer and operator of large scale, integrated trade and logistics centres in China. In 2009, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Group has also invested in “China East International Trade City” in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. This “China East City” project, upon completion, will become the largest integrated trade and logistics centre for consumer goods and other finished goods in the coastal region covering both Shandong province and Jiangsu province.

Currently, the Group operates two property development projects in Dongguan, Guangdong province and Yiyang, Hunan province, respectively, with total planned gross floor area of 2.9 million square metres. The commercial development in Dongguan, upon completion, will become one of the largest trade and retail malls in the commercial district in Dongguan. The residential development in Yiyang is situated at a premium location with superior lake view.

The prestigious Carrianna brand has also expanded into hotel business in recent years. Currently, the Group owns a five-star hotel in Yiyang, Hunan province and a four-star hotel in Foshan, Guangdong province. The Carrianna Hotel in Foshan was originally called “Overseas Chinese Building” and was built with Russian style of architecture in the early 1960s.

The Group will continue to focus on food and restaurant business and property development and investment in China and invest in projects that will promote economic development and job creation in Hong Kong and China. In particular, the Group has plans to expand into the casual dining sector and invest in more high quality property projects.

Moreover, the Group and its controlling shareholder, Mr. Ma and his family, have long been generous supporters of charitable organizations in Hong Kong and China for many decades. Their valuable contribution to charitable causes has been recognized by the Governments of Hong Kong and China with various official honours and commendations.